Company Brief

Accordare, Inc., a Delaware corporation was formed in 2001 to provide Internet services to business-to-business markets. We specialize in architecturally complex distributed, mobile, and Web-based application development. We provide analysis, development, production and operations services. Our services are implemented as mobile, web-based and server software.

We build software that makes complicated interactions easier and more reliable.

Sample Customers

National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) < >
Placelinks < > - Internet advertising services
The MBA Tour, Inc. < > - education services
Work Technology Corporation < > - process plant engineering
Quadrem International, Ltd. < > - mining procurement
MAPHIN < > - medical records network
EPFR <> - financial funds flow tracking
Others in insurance, medical quality measurement (HIPAA), finance, and social networking.


We are currently actively working in Java, JavaScript, .Net, Ajax/XML, Web 2.0, SOA, VBScript, PHP and other technologies with databases including SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, SQLlite and PostGres. We are experienced in Big Data and Predictive Learning technologies. Our application experience spans most enterprise-class systems including SAP, ORACLE (Apps, PeopleSoft), Microsoft (JDE), and most platform and middle-ware technology.

We develop and host sites using Apache, Tomcat and IIS for Web applications using Java, PHP, and .Net technology. Our clients range from low-traffic high profile sites (we developed and ran the National Business to Business testbed for the National Institute of Standards and Technology) to Internet advertising reporting sites (collecting > 500k customer action events/day from Google, Yahoo YP,, etc.) to middle volume consumer sites achieving > 7 million hits per month with 20,000+ users. We also host a number of low traffic commercial sites for emerging businesses. Ask about our other projects above.

Management Team

Bill Harrelson, CEO, brings over 20 years of experience in the software industry, having brought over 50 products to market, built a best-of-class services practice, and created industry-leading product lines.

Deborah Hamill, VP Engineering, has been in leadership roles in several web-based ventures, including Director of Engineering for The Monster Board (, averaging over 1.7 million hits per day. She was also the creator of the 128 Active Agents Technology Forum.