Expanding Into China

Organizing an event across national borders has many additional special considerations compared to events in North America.  In addition to the usual work to arrange travel and lodgings, international event planners face particular challenges: time zones, language barriers, currency exchanges, and cultural expectations.  Accordare’s user-friendly event platform can help you manage all of these issues.

                When your target audience is spread across a wide range of countries, you have to account for local time zones.  A single series of events could cross two, three, or more time zones.  Accordare ensures that your marketing matches the different time zones automatically, while still making it easy for your employees to arrange and analyze from their own locations.  Additionally, if want to provide automated calendar reminders, you’ll need to have them properly calibrated.  This avoids accidents where you inadvertently send a text message to attendees at 4:00 a.m. local time instead of 9:00 a.m. as you wanted.   With Accordare’s help, all your deadlines and event start times can be set to properly display information relative to an attendee’s personal time zone, making sure they know when to get their tickets and when to tune in to a virtual event.

                With your customers and attendees able to purchase their tickets, your customer satisfaction will be improved by displaying your prices in their local currency.  Accordare’s website makes this simple, by reading your customers’ and candidates’ country of origin and automatically converting the prices you set up into the local currency. 

                Your advertising can be improved greatly if your event pages adapt themselves to the local languages where possible.  Accordare’s event management system allows you to provide translations for key information to your exhibitors and attendees.  Accordare can arrange for translation as well.  By engaging with the local language, you can improve your reach in your target countries.  In the modern world, translation to a local language isn’t always necessary, it but it’s good to have the option when you need it.

                Lastly, knowing how to work with local customs rather than running headfirst into them will help you make lasting connections wherever you are hosting your event.  The Accordare exhibitor’s section of the application has a separate area in which you can provide basic cultural information for your staff and guests. Accordare has succinct wikis on the basic do’s and don’ts of how to do business in the country and city your event takes place in.  Authenticated exhibitors will only see information relevant to the events they’re participating in, eliminating any possible confusion.  Accordare makes arranging international events as stress-free and painless as possible through our events application, and will help take your success global.

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