Meetup: Enhancing Event Value

One of the chief concerns of any exhibitor attending your event is to sift through the mass of attendees to find those few that will become new clients, employees, or industry contacts.  However, picking those people out of a crowd is nearly impossible to do on sight and without prior investigation.  Accordare’s Meetup program solves that issue not only by allowing exhibitors to individually pre-filter attendees according to their preferences, but also to invite them to smaller, private meetings to better connect with them.

Meetup is a candidate-filtering application that gives exhibitors powerful filtering tools to find and connect with the attendees at your event that are right for them.  After looking through attendee profiles, exhibitors can send out invitations to smaller, more personal meetings between their desired candidates and their own representatives.  Instead of competing with the noise of a crowded exhibition hall, exhibitors can have a personal discussion with or deliver a tailored pitch to their target audience.  Meetup grants exhibitors unparalleled candidate engagement, and greatly increases the value of your events to them.

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