Properly Integrate Third-Party Payment Options

Online payment interfaces can be easy to implement, but customizing them to fit seamlessly into your website can be a challenge.  Third-party payment services like PayPal and are great for small to medium sized businesses, but while their services work for allowing online shopping, the default interface for those services either open a new browser or take your customers away from your website, which can create an unpleasant user experience.  Fortunately, Accordare is practiced at solving these and other issues with third-party payment services.  We can ensure that transactions not only take place in the same browser, but also use your websites stylings rather than the default PayPal settings, allowing for a smooth transition to and from PayPal’s application.  Furthermore, our expertise with database management and integration will keep you from having to go to PayPal to download and manually enter transaction data for your customers.  Accordare has saved past clients significant work hours using our products to collect payment data and codes from PayPal and then use that information to automatically update their own databases.  In short, if you want a more fluid user interface for your customers, and want to reclaim those hours you are currently spending on data entry, Accordare has a solution for you!

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