Scanning: Instant Attendee Tracking

Having comprehensive analysis options is the primary way to prove to exhibitors and other clients that your events both have and generate value for them.  Accordare’s event application allows for individual exhibitors to scan and track attendees in addition to initial attendance scans at the door.  Exhibitors can then track which students show up at […]

Meetup: Enhancing Event Value

One of the chief concerns of any exhibitor attending your event is to sift through the mass of attendees to find those few that will become new clients, employees, or industry contacts.  However, picking those people out of a crowd is nearly impossible to do on sight and without prior investigation.  Accordare’s Meetup program solves […]

Texting Event Reminders

If you’re trying to coordinate large events, the capacity to send information updates to attendees is critical.  Being able to reach attendees via either email or text helps them keep your event in mind, even without the benefit of being able to swiftly respond to unforeseen changes such as venue availability or guest speaker timing.  […]